Tuesday, 3 January, 2023
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Oxygen Builder The Visual Website Builder With Addons

Oxygen Builder The Visual Website Builder

Everything you need to make it beautiful

Sticky headers, overlay headers, and total responsive control. It’s easy with Oxygen

Responsive Control

Hide or show elements on certain devices. Customize layout, spacing, colors and all other CSS settings across four media queries plus desktop.

Use Flexbox & CSS Grid, Visually

Take total control of alignment, spacing, and layout using visual controls for CSS flexbox and CSS grid – a superior way to create layouts and responsive designs.

Scroll Animations

Choose from 27 tasteful animation types from the Animate on Scroll library to bring your pages to life – without garbage like bounces, twangs, or other cheesy effects. Control animation timing, delays, when to trigger, and more.

Custom Fonts

Use any font from Google, or give your pages that ‘designer’ touch with Adobe Fonts. You can also upload your own custom font files with ECF.

Custom Icon Sets

Use IcoMoon or free LinearIcons included with Oxygen, or upload your own custom icon fonts in SVG format.


Skip Photoshop and tweak blur, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more directly in Oxygen using the power of CSS filters.


Achieve incredible rotation, zoom, and 3D effects using Oxygen’s visual controls for CSS transforms. Layer transforms and combine them with hover states to create amazing mouse over effects.

Classes & States

Save time by using classes to style multiple elements at the same time. Tweaks to the class immediately take effect everywhere it is used – no need to repeatedly copy and paste styles.


Apply display conditions to virtually any element in Oxygen. It’s incredibly easy to create complex, logic-based layouts without a single line of code. Need more conditions? Add your own using our easy API.



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