Tuesday, 3 January, 2023
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YITH Easy Login & Register Popup For WooCommerce

Reduce cart and checkout abandonment with an effective and easy to use Register/Login solution.

30% of the users abandon the checkout process because of a too complex registration or login process, complex because they’re asked to enter too many details or because it has a poorly usable interface.

If users have to log in but they don’t remember the account password, things become even worse: they will have to leave the checkout to reset the password and click on a link they get in their inbox and, once they’ve set a new password, they will have to go back to the cart and start again with the purchase.

YITH Easy Login & Register Popup For WooCommerce allows making all this much easier: login (social login is included), registration and password recovery (with an Amazon-inspired process). You can now offer your customers a more positive purchase experience

Allow your customers to save time and sign up using a social profile

Make the purchase process easier and faster thanks to the integration of Facebook and Google login.

Makes the login, registration and password reset processes easier during the checkout and reduces the cart abandonment rate.
How you can benefit from it:
  • Give your customers a usable, modern and quick solution to log in or register a new account in your e-commerce shop during the checkout.
  • Make the password reset process much easier with a usable solution inspired to the one available on Amazon.
  • Reduce the number of abandoned carts by letting users recover their password and complete the purchase without leaving the checkout process.



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