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What are the characteristics of a good website?

A website is an online 'first impression' of a business. It's how a potential customer sees your products or services. And of course, you'd like to have a nice first impression! However, just having a website is not enough. All of the good websites have some points in common. Let's talk about some!

Since the future is mobile (present too actually), it’s essential for a website to display properly on a mobile phone device, and tablets too, and pretty much anything that displays… Nearly half of the internet users surf internet on mobile devices, so in order to deliver your ‘brand message’ to them, your website must look good on their mobile devices!

It’s easy to understand, You don’t want to wait for a website to load, if it doesn’t load in a few seconds, most of the people might never visit it again. And according to Google, an increase by one second in loading time also increases your bounce rate (People leaving your website without visiting any other page). Which also means lesser customer , hence lesser sales.

If your website offers THE BEST products and has great content, but isn’t optimized well, you are losing a lot of sales for sure! Your website must be easier for search engines like Google to crawl (find). Majority of the people searching for something on Google rarely visit its second page, so the better your rankings are, the better your profits! There are many things to take care of when optimizing your site.

Don’t confuse your visitor by inciting them to take multiple actions at once. Your website should help them step by step to take an action that you’d like them to take.


Costs depend upon the features required. Costs, including hosting + domain, & designing would be anywhere between Rs15K to over Rs100K.

Regardless of the prices, every website will contain the premium features & plugins, activated for lifetime. 


Rest assured, you won’t find better pricing for the features you get.!

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