Compare WordPress hosting plans by different providers


Compare WordPress hosting plans When it comes to websites, WordPress is the leading Content management system (CMS) It helps you easily manage and edit your website content. It powers a huge number of websites around the world. You can either buy regular web hosting which uses cPanel, but not everyone would understand installing WordPress manually […]

How to sell a domain name in an auction?


How to sell domain by listing it in an auction Plan to sell your domain(s)?  Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, in this article we’ll talk about how to list your domain in an auction so potential buyers can see it.  There are different platforms to sell your domains, most famous ones include: GoDaddy […]

How to buy domain name


How to buy domain (s) & check availability Searching for how to buy domain for your business? Picking the perfect domain name is a crucial step of your online adventure. If you have an idea to get online or a great name for your website, we recommend registering the domain immediately before anyone else does. […]

What is domain investing?


Get started with domain investing What is domain investing? Simple! Domain investing is buying domain(s) and holding it under your ownership until it’s bought by someone else. Just like other investments, you want to buy for less and sell high. It’s like real estate, but digital. Is there a minimum number of domains or amount […]

Shared and VPS hosting

Shared and VPS hosting Think of hosting as like keeping all your website data on a computer, that would be accessible 24/7 by others. And for that, the server providers charge you money. These ‘computers’ are not normal desktop computers, rather they are servers dedicated for these tasks. Most common type of hosting is shared […]

Add a ‘logout’ button anywhere in Woocommerce store, using Elementor

Add a ‘logout’ button anywhere in your Woocommerce store, using Elementor. Woocommerce customer logout, by default, appears on the ‘My account’ page.  You can add a logout button in your navigation menu using the Woocommerce hooks, but what if you want a logout button only, instead of whole menu? Like in the image below This […]

Customize Woocommerce cart page using CSS

Customize Woocommerce cart using CSS Default Woocommerce pages may look outdated, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Page builders like Elementor can’t edit Woocommerce pages and that’s a thumbs down! Woocommerce pages can still be customized using CSS, but it might sound difficult for beginners.  So, I’ve added some CSS code(s) that customize […]